Online cattle sale gains momentum in Khulna

National Desk

19 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

KHULNA: With only two days in hand, the digital cattle markets in the district town are getting momentum ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest festival of the Muslim.

The two digital markets ‘Qurbani Hat Khulna’ and ‘KCC online cattle haat’ already have sold at least 650 sacrificial animals in the city till Sunday noon. Among them 345 were sold from ‘Qurbani Hat Khulna’ and 305 were sold from ‘KCC online cattle haat’, sources said.

Khulna District Administration in cooperation with the District Livestock office have started the activities of ‘Qurbani Hat Khulna’ through mobile app along with its website ( from July 14 while the KCC have launched online cattle haat ( from July 16 due to corona outbreak.

District Livestock Officer (Acting) Ranjita Chakroborty on Sunday said “A total of 345 sacrificial animals worth around 6.46 crore were sold till Sunday noon from Qurbani Haat Khulna. We are getting positive responses from the customers.”

“We are trying our best to provide satisfying service and so far, we have accomplished a lot,” she said.

“If we could manage a bit more time, this initiative could have been a great success,” she said.

Union Digital Center (UDC) is playing a vital role to make this initiative successful. Already a good number of sacrificial animals are registered into this platform with their age, weight and seller’s contact. Animals from different upazilas of Khulna district are getting registered every day, she said. She, however, said at least 47,789 sacrificial animals including 6,350 goats and sheep are ready till Sunday to be sold in 20 online and traditional cattle markets in Khulna.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) of Khulna Md Yousup Ali, said, “Government officials from different upazilas of the district are helping the farmers to register their animals. Till now we are satisfied with the responses.”

Basically, the animals coming to the Zoraget cattle market for sale are being put up on the KCC’s online cattle market and the KCC administration is helping deliberately to make this process successful,” he added.

On the other hand, the traditional cattle market of Khulna city run by KCC has also started their service online for the second time. In this regard, Convener of the KCC cattle market committee councilor Shamsuzzaman Swapon on Sunday said, “We have started our service very recently and so far, we have sold 305 animals online where else another 1329 animals were sold physically in the Zoraget cattle market (haat).

Both of the organizers have plans to extend this service in the future if these digital cattle haats are successful.

With an aim to reduce the number of people coming to buy sacrificial animals during the coronavirus pandemic, these market places were introduced by the initiative of Khulna district administration, Khulna Livestock Department and Khulna City Corporation.