Ali Akbar works on digital development globally

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19 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Ali Akbar works on digital development globally

The Bangladesh Digital Social Innovation Forum (BDSIF) continues to create a great friendship or ‘signature’ of youth between tech and sustainable as a powerful means of social development.

The BDSIF recently organized ‘Bangabandhu Digital Social Innovation Summit’ and the Bangladesh Digital Social Innovation Award 2021 to recongnise local talents.

The events has created unique platform for youths to meet the sustainable development goals in the power of technology.

Ali Akbar Asha works a service support counselor at a non-profit organization in Canada. Regarding the BDSFI's globalization mission, Ali said: "In the age of information and technology where people are using technology to pursue business and pleasure."

He said the individual and society are united and the development of the individual is incomplete without society.

BDSIF was formed at the end of 2018 and Ali Akbar moved to Canada on a career call. Then the tech-based social enterprise brought to the embassy as the biggest qualification.

Although there is no academic education in technology,  he overcame the challenges on way of developing the organization.

“‘There was always a pull on the computer. From a young age, I was obsessed with computers in school life. But the main thing is, getting an education was my passion but testing it on my own, and that's what brought me success,” Ali Akbar said.

The organization has been working to open country-based wings to expand the global activities of tech-focused social enterprises.

The BDSIF focuses on technology to carry out various social development activities  to help the country achieving the UN sustainable development goals.