Remain safe at home during Eid

18 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Eid-ul-Azha, the most coveted festival of the Muslim community, is going to be celebrated on July 21, 2021. Sacrifice is one of the main features of this Eid. Muslim families who can afford it, sacrifice animals on this day for the purpose of pleasing the Creator. At the same time, people of all walks of life rejoice in various ceremonies including Eid prayers, meeting friends, visiting relatives’ houses, etc. However, the joy of Eid has been declining since last year. To deal with the spread of coronavirus, the government has formulated various restrictions on Eid and announced passenger seating policy in public transports. Yet there is no awareness among the crowds. 

Due to a lockdown during the Eid-ul-Fitr in May this year, it was difficult for the people to go to their homesteads to spend time with their families. But they continued to go without paying heed to the rules. In addition to the increase in coronavirus infections, the number of accidents on the roads, waterways and railways has also increased excessively. In the Accident Report-2021, 323 road, rail and water accidents have taken place during Eid-ul-Fitr alone. 331 people were killed and 622 injured in those accidents. In the last six years, the most fatal accidents occurred during Eid, causing tears to roll down the faces of loved ones. Besides, the influence of Coronavirus also increased in the remote areas due to people going from cities to celebrate Eid. Experts’ fear that we will see higher death tolls, than the highest ever recorded at 230 and the number of infected being 1164, if health safety measures are not maintained.

Repetition of such painful incidents like deaths from accidents and infections are not desirable at all. We should celebrate Eid in our respective places by keeping as much physical distance as possible in compliance with government policies to prevent coronavirus infection. Also, all must follow the instructions of the administration regarding the cleaning after animal slaughter. This will keep us and our loved ones well and ensure the health of everyone. All of us should be aware so that there is no misery after the festival. So, to keep everyone well, this Eid let us bind everyone in the bond of love from afar and extend the hand of sympathy to the poor. May sympathy towards all be the celebration mantra of this Eid.


Rukaya Mizan Mime is a student

of Jagannath University