Bangladesh Army: A symbol of pride

17 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh Army is well-known for professionalism and discipline for which it attracts widespread love and respect not only from Bangladeshi citizens, but also from citizens of many foreign countries where its personnel are deployed as UN peacekeepers. The reputation of the Bangladesh army didn’t develop overnight. It took long years of good intent and good work.

We can safely say that wherever or in whichever project the army engaged itself, over the last decade in particular, it set an admirable example of efficiency, honesty and sincerity. For example, the army has been working very efficiently in various development and public welfare activities, from construction of mega projects to containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not only in the country, Bangladesh Army has been playing an important role for peace and security at the world stage too, which brought us a rare pride and glory. Bangladeshi peacekeepers has brought peace in many war-torn parts of the globe, winning hearts and minds of millions of people of the host nations by maintaining a cordial relation with them and respecting their culture and tradition. Take the example of Sierra Leone. The people of this West African country, despite being geographically located thousands of miles away from Bangladesh, recognised Bangla as their second state language thanks to the contribution of Bangladeshi troops.

So, when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the force to promote the right person in the right position, we think she uttered the necessity of upholding the hard-earned reputation of Bangladesh Army.

She came up with the comment while addressing a meeting of Bangladesh Army Selection Board. She called for selecting qualified people for promotion through wisdom and prudent analyses rising above personal liking and disliking. She urged the selectors to find out the able leadership maintaining neutrality by remaining free from all influences. She further said discipline is the backbone of the Army, but at the same time it is necessary to find honest, fair-minded, righteous, people-friendly and humane officers who are successful in various fields of their career.

We are at one with the PM for her suggestions will pave the way for further strengthening of the force.