Bashudhara’s charity worth emulating

16 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Since the pandemic started, the Bashundhara group has been proactively involved in distributing food and relief materials to the needy families struck down by the economic slump. It is worth mentioning that the Bashundhara family has been involved in various charitable projects long before the pandemic. But their philanthropy during this pandemic has been exemplary and could be emulated by many other business conglomerates to help the poor of our country survive through this terrible ordeal.

During Covid-19, many people lost their jobs, many lost their family members, and a global economic slowdown touched the economy of Bangladesh as well. The government of Sheikh Hasina not only kept the economy afloat but also revived it somewhat by announcing stimulus packages, increasing government spending and distributing food and daily necessities to needy families. But the government alone cannot do everything. Also, as the corona pandemic is not a short term crisis of a season or a few months, it is of utmost necessity that every affluent person should come forward to do their bit for the needy people of the country.

It has been a long standing tradition in most regions of Bangladesh for affluent families to do charity by looking after the welfare of the poor and needy around them. In a way, traditionally the poor and needy are never turned away at any households of Bangladesh when they come to seek alms or help of any kind. Most of our people, irrespective of their faith, are deeply religious, and as all religions promote acts of charity as blessed and divine, most of the affluent families have traditionally looked out for the poor in their areas. It has been natural for the rich zamindars and landlords of yester years, irrespective of their religious beliefs, to follow the path of charity towards the less fortunate people within their domain. 

According to our religion, while charity helps in uplifting the poor in society, it enables the rich to obtain divine blessings from the creator for their continued wellbeing. Both our tradition and religious faiths dictate that we should stand beside our fellow human beings at their time of need. We hope that many would follow the example set by the Bashundhara Group and come forward to stand beside the poverty stricken people of the country at this dire time of need.