Curbing RMG goods theft on highways

16 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The RMG sector is the main foreign currency earner of the country. And, the government is doing its level best for the growth of the vital sector. But, in recent times, the BGMEA raised an allegation of rampant stealing of RMG goods on the highways. As per version of the apex trade body of the apparel manufacturers, highway robbers in collaboration with the drivers of the goods-laden covered vans stop the vehicles on the highways and snatch away goods from there.

Ultimately, the buyers get fewer goods in the boxes when they reach their destinations. As a result, both the RMG exporters and the global buyers incur considerable financial losses which harm the very image of the country. So, the BGMEA has called upon the government for increased vigilance on the part of the members of law-enforcement agencies to prevent theft of RMG goods. 

For venting their grievances, the BGMEA leaders met the Minister of Home Affairs at his secretariat office on Monday. The minister assured them of the government’s bid to bring the 252-KM Dhaka-Chattogram highway under the CCTV surveillance. It is undoubtedly a good decision of the authorities concerned. But, it will not suffice; rather the authorities must take advantage of advanced technology by introducing the Smart Lock System which will go a long way in curbing thefts of RMG goods.

Moreover, mandatory use of a global positioning system (GPS) tracker in covered vans will also help prevent theft of RMG goods. If the GPS tracker is set up in covered vans then it will be a bit easier for the exporters and the importers as well as the law-enforcers to track the particular vans on the highways. Above all, a coordinated effort on the part of the representatives of law-enforcement agencies, the BGMEA and the covered van owners is a must to curb the menace. All stakeholders must keep in touch with each others for finding out more prudent ways to curb the evil practice of harmful elements.