Banned piranha cultivated, sold in Chandpur

Our Correspondent

15 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

CHANDPUR: Piranha, a banned fish in many countries including Bangladesh, is being widely sold in different areas of the district.

It was learned that the prohibited piranha cultivation was increasing day by day in the fish-paddy farming projects and in local ponds in Faridganj upazila.

Many complained that no action was being taken by the administration, in this regard.

The fish is being widely sold in Faridganj Sadar Bazar Fish Market, Bhatialpur Chowrasta Fish Market, Gallak Bazar Fish Market and other small fish markets as well.

Buying it from wholesalers, the retailers were selling the banned fish both in local markets and from door to door in remote areas.

Rahim, who sells fish door to door said that the price of piranha was Tk 100 -150 per kg. It tastes like the local brigade fish he says to the customers while selling it. According to doctors, piranhas are so deadly to human health that in many countries there is a provision of jail and fine against those who cultivate and market this fish.

Piranha fish farming and marketing is a crime in Bangladesh too.

In this regard, Upazila Fisheries Officer Farhana Akhter Ruma told that it is illegal to cultivate and sell. Action would be taken in consultation with UNO after the lockdown.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shiuli Hari said, the piranha fish has been banned by law as it is harmful to the human body.

She also said that she would ask the Upazila Fisheries Officer to take immediate action in this regard.

Piranha originated in the Amazon region of South America. Highly aggressive with sharp teeth, this fish is a threat to other fish and can harm humans as well as the aquatic environment.