Tuesday, 21 September, 2021

Tapan Chowdhury’s new song ‘Khelaghor’

Tapan Chowdhury’s new song ‘Khelaghor’

Tapan Chowdhury is a popular singer of the country. The artiste, who has won the hearts of millions by his melodious voice, is coming up with a new song after a long hiatus. 

The title of the track is ‘Khelaghor’. National Film Award-winning music composer Tanvir Tareq has written the lyrics, composed and arranged the music of the song. The track has been recorded at the Celebrity Studio in the capital recently. 

‘Khelaghor’ will be released on YouTube channel of Dhruba Music Station on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. 

About the song, Tapan Chowdhury said, “I had a plan that I will lend my voice to Tanvir’s lyrics and tune. Finally, we have recorded the song. The lyrics of the song are to my liking. I hope the audience will also like it.”

Tanvir Tareq said, “In this time, there are many artistes who are nurturing pure song but patronizers of this type of song are rare. I would like to thank Druba Guha dada for partonising the song. It is also my first work with Tapan dada. I believe the song will stir in the mind of the audience.”

Owner of Dhruba Music Station (DMS) Dhruba Guha said, “DMS always respects creative works. Tapan Chowdhury is a popular singer of modern song. Tanvir Tareq has done a wonderful job. I think, ‘Khelaghor’ will be a special Eid gift to the audience.”

The song will be released on DMS YouTube channel with music video. Al Masud has made the music video. Actress Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed will be seen in the video as model.

 The song will also be available on different apps.

 Tapan Chowdhury is a noted musician of the country.  He was trained by Ustad Priyadaranjan Sen, Ustad Mihirlala and Ustad Sanjit Dey. He started his career with Souls and worked for the band for 22 years. Later, he started to work as a solo singer. 

Tapan Chowdhury performed as a playback singer for more than 300 films.