BTCL replaces numbers under 18 exchanges

Staff Correspondent

13 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The Bangladesh Telecommuni-cations Company Limited (BTCL) is replacing the old five-digit telephone numbers under the Jashore, Keshabpur, Sharsha, Manirampur, Jhikargacha, Noapara, Chaughasa, Bagherpara, Bagachra, Khajura, Jashore Cantonment, Jhenaidah, Kaliganj, Kotchandpur, Moheshpur, Shailkupa, Harinakundu and Dakbanglo Telephone Exchange with 11-digit new numbers under a new exchange to ensure better services.

The old numbers beginning with 0421 at Jashore Telephone Exchange has replaced with the new numbers beginning with 02-47776, said a press release.

The old numbers beginning with 0422656 at Keshabpur Telephone Exchange, 042287 at Sharsha Telephone Exchange, 0422778 at Manirampur Telephone Exchange and 042257 at Jhikargacha Telephone Exchange, 0242144 at Noapara Telephone Exchange, 0422456 at Chaughasa Telephone Exchange, 0422356 at Bagherpara Telephone Exchange, 0423251 at Bagachra Telephone Exchange, 042152 at Khajura Telephone Exchange, 042155 at Jashore Cantonment, 04516 at Jhenaidah Telephone Exchange, 0452356 at Kaliganj Telephone Exchange, 0452465 at Kotchandpur Telephone Exchange, 0452556 at Moheshpur Telephone Exchange, 0452656 at Shailkupa Telephone Exchange, 0452274 at Harinakundu Telephone Exchange and 0453251 at Dakbanglo Telephone Exchange have replaced with the new numbers beginning with 02-477767, 02-47776, 02-47776, 02-477769, 02-4777, 02-477771, 02-47777, 02-477772, 02-477772, 02-47955, 02-477746, 02-4777484, 02-477749, 02-4777494, 02-4777498, 02-4777501 and 02-4777503.

The lists of both old and new numbers will be available on the BTCL website at

The subscribers will be notified about the number change through phone calls. Besides, they can contact the following numbers for further queries: 16402 (its call centre) or 04-2151000 and 02-477761000.