Alarm over probable dengue surge

7 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Hospitalisation of 39 dengue patients in the capital in a single day has raised an alarm among the citizenry. They are grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic as both the infection and the mortality rates are on the rise every day. In this grave situation if the vector-borne disease surges, then it poses a twin danger for the entire country. Moreover, incessant rains trigger fears of floods in the northern region. Then people will not be able to counter the three-pronged attack. They will simply be ruined. The entire nation is in a great danger.

As per the health authorities, 117 dengue patients are undergoing treatment at the city hospitals while three others at the district hospitals. Although no death caused by dengue infection has been reported as yet, but the health authorities should at once wake up from slumber before it is too late. Both the dengue and the Covid-19 are viral diseases whose symptoms are more or less in a similar manner. So, it can get tricky for physicians to diagnose patients’ condition properly and provide proper care to them. In such a situation, doctors put emphasis on individual precaution and map the line of treatment taking extra caution.

Preventive measures like destroying the mosquito-breeding grounds are the best ways to curb the spread of dengue. Removal of trash or old tires and other objects containing standing water can prevent its spread. Mosquito breeding can be minimised by disposing of discarded containers and regularly clearing roof gutters. Being responsible city residents, we should take all-out preventive measures to curb the spread of dengue. Although the city dwellers have become disgusted with the city authorities for their sheer indifference to their well-being, but we should always try to rectify their mistakes.

We again urge the city fathers to keep the city neighbourhoods neat and clean. They should regularly clear the choked drains and city ponds filled with water hyacinth. They should engage competent pest control operators to look out for the mosquito-breeding habitats to treat them with insecticides. Above all, people should never get scared of this typical disease; rather awareness is the key to prevent it.