Save yourself, save others

7 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The alarming rise in corona infections in the country has reached the villages, with deadlier and more infectious variants emerging. Until the new mutations of coronavirus arrived, the villages and small towns of Bangladesh were hardly touched by the deadly virus. Deep inside, we were silently relieved that, come what may, at least most of the population in our countryside seemed more or less immune to the coronavirus throughout last year. It offered a respite to our government and people, as the healthcare system in the greater rural Bangladesh is not sufficiently equipped to deal with the lethal Covid-19.

But in recent times, deadlier variants of the virus have been emerging through mutations, making it harder and harder for experts to predict its course and deal with its severity. In fact, the cunning coronavirus has been mutating faster than the human brain can predict or deal with it. At this juncture, even as we are wondering how to deal with the infectious and deadly Delta and Delta Plus variants, there is news of an even deadlier variant having emerged in Chile. Chile may be thousands of miles away, but the swift communication in our modern interdependent world is a bane in spreading coronavirus to almost every nook and cranny of the globe literally with the speed of lightning.

The ‘Spanish Flu’ of the previous century couldn’t affect all the world despite being very deadly, as it took weeks or months to travel from country to country. Thus, the Spanish Flu died naturally over time. So, experts assumed that the coronavirus will also similarly taper off. But, with newer mutations emerging and people travelling from one country to another, the death of coronavirus is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

So, it is our turn to mutate, to change ourselves from roaming socialisers to becoming more reclusive, for the sake of survival of self and near ones. We must not forget that each infected person poses health risks to all those who are physically near them. On the other hand, each person remaining free from getting infected means all those who are living and working with them are saved too. So, go out only for emergencies or not at all, wear masks outside, maintain social distance to outwit Covid-19 and save lives.