Electrification benefits Khagrachhari people

National Desk

5 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

People of a remote village of the hilly district Khagrachari become happy as they are getting facilities like the town.

Smiles are seen on the faces of all dwellers, members of 45 families, of the Mantri Para as they have started to enjoy town facilities through electrification as per the Awami League election manifesto ‘My Village My Town’.

Fifty-five-year-old Purno Bushan Tripura, a resident of Mantri Para under Vaibonchora union of the Khagrachari district, expressed her gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for providing them with various opportunities despite living in a remote hilly region.  

Purno Bushan was involved in farming since his childhood. Earlier, he along with his family members had to start working at the crack of dawn and wrap up before the sunset. Now, things have changed. Today, they can make some extra money by working at night, which is also helping them to save money for the future.

“Earlier, we were scared to go outside at night in the fear of being attacked by terrorists. But now, we feel safe at night. As electricity has transformed, enlightened and energized our lives,” said Purno Bushan, father of three daughters and one son, with a smiling face.

Not only Purno Bushan, but smiles are seen on the faces of all dwellers of the Mantri Para as they have now started getting facilities like the town, despite living in a remote village of the hilly district Khagrachari.

Another dweller of the Mantri Para, Akando Tripura, received a semi-pucca house from the government about four years ago. At that time, the government provided him with electricity from renewable sources, but around eight months ago, he received electricity connection from the national grid.

“Electricity has increased our overall living standard and made life easier. Earlier, it was very difficult to go outside the house at night. Now, we can easily move outside to meet our necessities. Our children can continue their studies till late at night. My old mother can move around the house even at night,” said Akando.

Chairman of the Khagrachari Hill District Council Mongsueprou Chowdhury said the impact of development is visible in every sphere  of lives of the hilly people as tremendous development works are being carried out in the three hilly districts—Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban.

“The government has already provided 40,000 solar panels among the people in remote areas. They are now using lights, fans and also television,” he added.

Electricity for all will also be ensured within a short time as the government has taken another project, he added.

Project Director (Superintendent Engineer) of the ‘Development of Power Distribution in Three Hill Tract Districts’ project Ujjal  Barua said the government is working to ensure stable and reliable electricity supply in the three hilly districts and to improve the socio-economic status of the population in the Chittagong Hill Tracts area.

To this end, he informed that the government has set targets to construct 12 new 33/11 KV substations, upgrade the four existing 33/11 KV substations, construct new 1525 km distribution line, renovate the existing 365 km distribution line and install 584 new three phase and single-phase distribution transformers.