Accelerate Covid-19 vaccination

4 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The warning of experts that achieving herd immunity against Covid-19 would be difficult due to the ability of coronavirus to mutate into new forms and to break the immunity acquired through older strains infection has left no alternative but to go for mass immunisation. Therefore, the piece of news of receiving a total of 4.5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines from different sources within just two days has come as a sigh of relief for the conscious minds, given that it will give free rein to restart the nationwide mass vaccination programme that was in a halt since the last quarter of April due to vaccines shortage.

Mass vaccination has already been established as the best option to check the deadly coronavirus and keep losses under control as no other step is proven enough to contain the deadly virus, while the costs of some steps like imposing lockdown are too heavy to bear for a long time. Thus, speeding up the mass immunisation programme should be our topmost priority since the country has now a substantial amount of vaccine stock and millions of doses are in the pipeline.

Now, the authorities concerned have to put their concentration on enhancing vaccine injecting capability across the country. Before the halt, the EPI teams had tackled the situation pleasingly. However, it took comparatively more time to immune the total number of doses, which may lengthen the mass immunisation programme. Therefore, working out some other ways is a must. Vaccinating through mobile teams, particularly in densely populated urban areas, be an option the authorities concerned can think of.

Whatever is the way, they have to find it in the quickest possible time. The country has already passed nearly one and a half years grappling with the coronavirus. Still, the fatality from the virus is under control, which is somehow a miracle, thanks to the Almighty. However, luck may not favour us every time. So, we expect a quick and effective step this time in speeding up the mass immunisation programme. Any delay in doing so can be proven costly at any time.