Vegetable prices soar in city markets

Staff Correspondent

3 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Vegetable prices soar in city markets

Prices of vegetables increased while the prices of chicken, egg, onion and some other essential commodities remained unchanged at different kitchen markets in the capital amid the nationwide strict lockdown.

During a visit to several city kitchen markets on Friday, it was found that most of the vegetables are being sold at high prices compared to the last week.

Vegetable sellers have said the supply of vegetables has reduced in the market due to strict lockdown and consequently the price has increased.

Prices of all kinds of vegetables have increased. The price of eggplant has gone up in one week and is being sold at Tk50-70 per kg, which was sold at Tk40-60 per kg last week.

Tomatoes, which were sold at Tk80-100 per kg last week, are being sold at Tk100-120 per kg.

Price of per kg carrots has also increased. Carrots were Tk80 per kg last week but now being sold at Tk100 per kg.

However, the prices of yardlong bean, shrimp, okra and pointed gourd remained unchanged. Yardlong is being sold at Tk60-70 per kg, shrimp at Tk40-50 per kg, okra at Tk40-50 per kg and pointed gourd at Tk40-50 per kg.

Besides, per four pieces of green bananas are being sold at Tk35-40. A piece of bottle gourd was sold at Tk60-70, per kg of arum lobe at Tk50-60, papaya at Tk40-50 and bitter gourd at Tk70-80. Prices of all these vegetables are remaining unchanged compared to the last week.

Milan Mia, a vegetable trader at Karwan Bazar Kitchen Market, said, “Supply of vegetables have dried up in the market amid strict lockdown. But price has not increased much. There are fewer buyers in the market due to the rain. That is why vegetables are being sold at an affordable price.”

Meanwhile, prices of broiler, Sonali, Pakistani cock and red layer chicken remained unchanged compared to the last week. Broiler chickens are being sold at Tk140 to 150 per kg while red layer chicken is being sold  at Tk 230 to 240 per kg and Sonali and Pakistani chicken is being sold at Tk200 to 230 per kg.

Apart from chicken, prices of beef and mutton remain unchanged. Beef is being sold at Tk580 to 600 per kg. Consumers were buying per kg mutton at Tk800 to 900.

Besides, potatoes, eggs and onions are being sold at last week’s prices. Potatoes are being sold at Tk25 per kg.

A dozen farm chicken eggs are being sold at Tk105 to 110 while the local onions are being sold at Tk45 to 50 per kg.

Meanwhile, the price of ginger that increased last week is still being sold at a higher price. Imported ginger is being sold at Tk160 to 180 per kg. Local ginger is being sold at Tk120 to 130 per kg.