Prices of essentials up in Khulna

1 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

KHULNA: The soaring prices of essentials in anticipation of the strict lockdown in Khulna have increased the sufferings of the low and middle income people.

They have been struggling to make ends meet and surviving seems to be the hardest challenge for them now. 

The prices of edible oil, vegetables and other essentials were on the rise due to the multiple syndicates in the market, claimed many consumers, reports UNB.

The lack of price monitoring reinforced the syndicates and unscrupulous practices of the traders.

For over a month, bottled edible Soybean oil (5 litres) was being sold for Tk 680-700. Non-bottled edible oil was Tk 140 per litre. This week as well, the prices of onions, green chili, potato, papaya, brinjal, cucumber, pumpkin increased by Tk 10-20 per kilogram.

Saiful Islam, a trader in Sandha Bazar in Sher-e-Bangla Road, said the prices of all vegetables and essentials were going up. The strict lockdown in the district leaves no room for the prices of essentials to decline.

Meanwhile, in different retail markets of the town, lentils were selling at Tk 75-120 against last week’s prices of Tk 70-110. Amid the soaring prices, consumers sought the intervention of the higher authorities for price monitoring.