Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

Shwapnil Shojib’s ‘Ethos of Bengal’ at NABC

Shwapnil Shojib’s ‘Ethos of Bengal’ at NABC

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Popular singer Shwapnil Shojib will perform in North American Bengali Conference (NABC), a three-day cultural, musical and humanitarian conference, beginning on July 2. The event is designed to elevate the yearly milieu to an exceptional visual reality (VR) experience.   

Shwapnil said, “It is an immense pride for me to represent Bangladesh in an international platform like NABC. I named my production ‘Ethos of Bengal’ where I will be featuring eminent artistes from Bangladesh. Miss world Bangladesh Mium Khould Hussain will be joining in for a special presentation which surely will be visual delight for the audience. Journey through tranquil Bengal and feel the soul of and soil of Bangla with Robi Bauler Gaan with Baul Safi Mandal or sway to the tunes of Tagore in Bollywood with sensational singer Tamanna Prome amd lastly relive the struggles of the Bhasha Andolon through Ekusher Gaan my fellow colleagues like Kornia, Protick, Nadia Dora and Elocutionist Samiul Islam Poluck.”

There are many artistes, AMit Kumar, Usha Utthup, Parbathy Baul, Srikanta Acharya, Raghab, Shbhamita and Anwesha will be singing at NABC this year.

Shwapnil’s elegant and soulful presentation has a unique sensitivity and freshness. His carrier is spangle gamete of high profile award including two National Gold medals, BABISAS Award, Saco awards, UK SE foundations for popular singer, Global Music Award Dubai.

With Music he has traveled to many countries, including, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and India. The singer also runs charitable foundation Shwapnil Foundation works for street children and the underprivileged.