Threat of a contractor touting bad bitumen

29 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A culture of impunity is rampant in our society. We have become accustomed to witnessing perpetrators going scot-free due to a host or reasons including moral degradation, leniency of law-enforcers, prolonged trial process and some other factors. A recent incident that occurred in Kurigram town has again proved beyond doubt about prevalence of the social menace. A supervising railway engineer got a threat of transfer by the contractor for opposing the use of inferior-quality Iranian bitumen in renovation of a link road of the newly-constructed railway station in the northern district town. Because of rampant use of below-standard bitumen, roads usually do not last for a longer period. This results in untold public sufferings all over the country.

So, as per opinion of relevant experts, the respective agencies in government issued necessary directives for avoiding usage of substandard bitumen in road construction or its renovation. But, breaching the official directive, a section of contractors continues to use adulterated bitumen coming from Iran that faces an international sanction. Following the unhealthy trend, the contractor of Kurigram indulged in the misdeed.  But, how dare he threatens an engineer only to persuade him to use bad bitumen? Is he above the law? Certainly not, but, he got an impression that he will go unpunished this time too.

Like this particular contractor, all offenders have got similar impression due to the prevailing culture.In the process, the culture of impunity is tragically becoming a harsh reality for the law-abiding people. So, this culture should be stopped at any cost. Zero tolerance must be shown against the perpetrators.

Playing a responsible role by all is a must in addressing the evil practice. Where is the administration and the rule of law? To address the issue, the existing law should be amended, if necessary. At the same time, it should be made a time-befitting one. Above all, its proper enforcement is of utmost necessity. Through prompt trials, the culprits should be awarded an exemplary punishment so that they cannot get off the hook.