Save teens, save nation

28 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Teens are often considered the future of a nation. So, providing a healthy family and social environment during their growing days is the primary requirement to help them grow up as a good citizen and human beings. However, what may happen without a healthy environment is easily understandable by looking at our society.

A report of this daily revealed yesterday that the DMP found 2000 members of 80 teenage gangs involved in different criminal activities, including murders, extortion, mugging, drug-dealing, eve-teasing and so on in the capital, while the number of members and youth gangs is 1500 and 50 respectively according to RAB. It is assumed that the number of groups and its member is much higher than these lists in the capital, while the number of such groups outside the capital is still unknown.

The problem is too little to ignore, given the long-term consequences of such a culture which is beyond just criminal offences. That a group of teenagers has been mastering the art of bullying their peers, girls or even seniors, neglecting social norms and values and forgetting to be compassionate to others, at the age when they are supposed to be busy with studies, games and sports and cultural activities, will make our society nothing but ‘The Waste Land’ of T. S. Eliot, some features of which have already existed.

It is indubitable that children’s psychology has gone through a radical change due to their close observation of our social environment: increasing trends of violence, decaying morality, patronising wealth and muscle power, etc. Therefore, the measures to tackle the youth gang culture need more comprehensive efforts rather than just bringing criminals to book.

The most crucial part to help a child be a good adult lies with their family— the basic institution of all education. Family members must recognise teenagers’ psychology: highly sensitive and craving for love and care from parents and others. Besides, we have to limit the push factors of gang culture that include spending more time on smartphone and social networking sites in absence of family and social bonding created due to the apathy of parents and not giving enough time to children. At the same time, the culprits who patronise these teens must be punished.