‘Strict lockdown’ – leave no loophole

27 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

That the government, in wake of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, has declared to impose strict lockdown from tomorrow, shutting down all government and non-government offices and allowing nobody outside their homes (except emergency services), is indeed a befitting decision, which should have come before the delta variant spreading out across the country. Still, the deterioration of the Covid-19 situation amid an ongoing ‘strict lockdown’ just because of the policymakers' dilly-dally attitude is creating confusion about proper implementation of decisions and, consequently, the effectiveness of the coming lockdown, albeit the authorities this time decided to deploy army, along with regular law enforcement agencies, with a view to compelling people to abide by law and order. What has happened is past. Now we have to ensure the best outcome from this round of lockdown.

We are now in a situation when to be rational is Hobson's choice as a small mistake could ruin everything we are expecting. To achieve that target, there is no way to relax the coordination amongst the ministries relating to Covid-19 management which was too real earlier to ignore. We do not expect any repetition of it in the following days, given that it would be really difficult to control people and contain the virus except comprehensive attempts of all. On the other hand, the people, who are going to incur losses due to the lockdown, will have to accept the decisions for the sake of the greater benefit of the people and the nation. All of us must keep in mind that a short-termed but strictly implemented lockdown will serve our purposes better and keep economic loss less than a month-long wishy-washy lockdown.

When the whole world is struggling to handle the crisis, we have so far managed to keep the situation under control. We expect a continuation of this success. We do not want to see our family members, relatives, neighbours, well-wishers and our motherland suffering from the deadly virus. Therefore, it is an urge to the authorities concerned to implement the coming lockdown in proper way and the people from all walks of lives to help the government to save lives.