Do not make lockdown a farce

25 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The country is now witnessing a dangerous increase in Covid-19 infection and death rates. This time the virus has spread out all over the country, including rural areas, making it difficult to identify infected people and bring them under treatment facilities. That the concerned authorities did not develop necessary facilities to fight the coronavirus pandemic in rural areas despite having a time of about one and a half years and after witnessing two waves of the pandemic is nothing but a revelation of their extremely callous attitude. Even on the edge of the third wave of the pandemic, they have failed to take comprehensive decisions and implement them strictly, inviting the upcoming wave to do more damage than the previous two waves did.

Amid the deterioration of the pandemic, local administrations have imposed lockdowns in different parts of the country but failed to compel people to follow it. While the irresponsible attitudes of people making imposed lockdown less effective, the style of imposing lockdown is to be criticised more for its ineffectiveness, particularly in urban areas. It is out of our intellect that how people will be in their homes if their offices remained open. It is also a question that how they will go to workplaces in the absence of transports. On the other hand, it is now apparent that all restriction is only applicable for public transports rather than movement or gathering of people as anybody can go anywhere even in this time just avoiding long route and public transport. Besides, private vehicles hit the roads as usual and traffic congestion is not absent on city roads.

The authorities concerned have to get their head out of the clouds that everything will be done automatically following their declaration only. If they do not take a lesson from the last year’s experiences, make dubious decisions, impose on-paper lockdown only and most of all make the same mistakes over again and again, who should be made responsible for any unexpected catastrophe? It is the time for action not for glittering generalities. It has already been established that mass people will not follow any order willingly. If the authorities fail to ensure strict implementation of their decisions, the consequence will be even beyond our imagination.