Whip Shamsul put in dock

AL central leaders get barrage of allegations against him

Staff Correspondent

23 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The grass roots of the Patiya unit Awami League have lodged various complaints with the party’s central leaders against Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury who has formed a ‘Shamsu League’ to establish supremacy in his constituency.

Shamsul Haque, an MP from Chattogram-12 constituency, has been carrying out oppression on the dedicated and tested leaders of the party so that he could create an own ring to grab land, do drug business and take extortion.

The grass roots also raised a series of allegations, including party post trading, against Shamsul, two of his brothers and son Nazmul Karim Chowdhury Sharun during an extended meeting at Chattogram Circuit House on Monday.

They alleged that the whip family tortured and humiliated the dedicated grass-roots leaders if any of them differ with the opinions of Shamsul family.

Even, he used to dissolve the elected grass-roots committees breaching the party constitution. Listing a series of allegations against Shamsul and his autocracy, presidents and general secretaries of 14 unions gave a written complaint to AL divisional organising secretary Abu Sayeed Al Mahmood Swapon.

Acknowledging the fact, Swapon told the Daily Sun that he received some allegations against Shamsul.

“We have been investigating the allegations. Proper actions will be taken if he is found guilty,” he said.

During the meeting at the Circuit House, Chattogram city unit youth and sports secretary Didarul Alam Chowdhury raised a series of allegations against the whip.

“The image of the party has been tarnished due to the misdeeds of Shamsul Haque,” he said.

Meeting sources said that Swapon stopped Didarul while he was trying to put some other allegations against Shamsul.

Some other leaders of the grass roots also tried to mention the allegations against the whip.

Requesting them not to mention more, Swapon said, “As you have given a written complaint against Shamsul, you do not need to mention the allegations again in the meeting. We will look into the matter seriously.”

Of the allegations against Shamsul, some are as follows.

Santosh Kumar Barua is the president of the 14 No Bhatikhain union of the AL. The 74-year old leader has been affiliated with party for the last few decades. Barua is one of those leaders who steered the party after the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He became the president of the unit through council session. But all of a sudden, Shamsul removed Barua from the post and posted a Jatiya Party man into that position.

This is not the lone case. Shamsul also dissolved the 14 union committees breaching the party constitution and placed his men, intruded from JP and BNP-Jamaat, in August 2019.

There is no tradition in Awami League to form any committee during the month of mourning but such thing happens in Patia due to Shamsul.

Central leaders said that the committees dissolved illegally by Shamsul would be restored soon.

Asked about the torture and repression by whip family, Barua said the central leaders directed the Chattogram South District Unit to restore the committees dissolved illegally by the whip.

“The whip formed the unit with those who are his men and serve his purposes,” he said.

Kholagaon union president of the dissolved committee Mohammad Harun also echoed with Barua, saying that Shamsul dissolved their committee illegally.

“It is a matter of sorrow that Shamsul and followers celebrated the announcement of new committee in the month of August,” he said.

Asked about the dissolution of the committee, he said, “They [Shamsul and followers] cannot make any misdeeds due to dedicated and tested leaders like us. That’s why our committee was dissolved illegally and a new one was formed with intruders.” 

It is learnt that Shamsul formed the committee of Bhatikhain union by removing two tested leaders of the AL and made Jahangir Chowdhury and Mohammad Ibrahim as president and general secretary respectively. Both were leaders of the JP.

Asked about the dissolution of committees, Patia unit president AKM Shamsuzzaman, also close associate of whip, became angry over the question.

“This is our internal matter. You do not need to interfere in the matter,” he said.

Apart from these misdeeds, Shamsul also harassed and filed cases against Selim Nabi, an industrialist and member of Chattogram South district unit, as he wished to contest the 2008 parliamentary elections.

Shamsul filed a case of mobile theft against Nabi last March. Chattogram South unit president Moslem Uddin Ahmed and general secretary Mofizur Rahman in a statement protested the false case against Nabi.

Besides, Shamsul and his followers carried out attacks on Nabi on different occasions in last 12 years. Even, whip’s son Sharun also issued threats to Nabi various times.

Asked about those incidents, Nabi said, “Shamsul and his followers are filing cases and carrying out attacks on us to create an own ring to establish supremacy. He has made a ‘Shamsu League’ axing dedicated and tested leaders.”

“They have established a reign of terror and involved in land grabbing, extortion, drug dealing and other misdeeds,” he added.