Make lockdown measures effective

23 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Despite the more dangerous and most highly infectious Delta Variant of Covid-19 coming into the country, it is observed that most people are not paying much heed to health safety and movement restrictions in the cities, towns and villages of Bangladesh.

Therefore it is encouraging that to stem the surge of infections, the government has imposed strict restrictions on movement of people and all road, rail and water vehicles in seven districts, which are Gazipur, Gopalganj, Manikganj, Munshiganj, Madaripur, Narayanganj and Rajbari, where all movements are supposed to remain halted from morning of June 22 to June 30 midnight. Although, even a short lockdown of nine days is better than none at all, but only issuing orders for lockdown in words and on paper cannot halt infections, if it is not visibly seen to be effectively imposed.

Keeping in mind the life versus livelihood debate, we want to stress the point to the people that there will be ample opportunities of earning livelihoods in the future if one is alive. Though it will be hard to live well as the livelihoods of families become constrained during lockdown, we must remember the benefits outweigh the loss. As the sooner infection rate is down to nil, the sooner life and livelihood will be back to normal for all.

If people roam around freely in the name of earning their livelihoods, then halting the spread of the highly infectious new Delta variant will be quite impossible. This may even make the rate of infection unmanageable for our healthcare system, resulting in many unwarranted loss of lives. As it is, most of the new cases being detected in the country are of the deadlier Delta Variant of Covid-19 disease.

Only by imposing effective movement restrictions of all as stated, there is hope for our country to defeat Covid-19, with the least battle wounds for our people in this deadly war. We hope that no vehicles used for emergency services will be misused by the people during the lockdown period. Also, sick people and their family members must not be harassed under the guise of restrictions. Furthermore, the Covid-19 vaccination programmes and all other vitally important services required for the safety, ease and comfort of the people must continue unabated within the lockdown areas.