PM’s humane gesture

22 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Nothing can give a human being greater sense of security than a roof over their head. And if that roof and the land on which it stands are self-owned, then the feelings of comfort and security can be even more supreme. Among the basic needs of humans, right after the primary needs of food and clothing, comes the basic need for shelter or security, which can only be found in the peace and comfort of one’s own private space, which is needed by all human beings.

Recognising the basic needs of the common people, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had undertaken the Ashrayan project in 1997, under which houses and lands on which they are built-up were to be given to homeless and landless families in the country. So far, bless her magnanimous soul, under the Ashrayan project run by the PMO, 373,562 houses with lands have been given to homeless and landless families.

In line with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s determination to ensure that there will be no homeless families in Bangladesh, 53,340 more houses were given to landless and homeless families on Sunday. As part of her government’s campaign to bring all landless and homeless families under housing schemes, homesteads with sanitary toilet facilities and two-decimal land, costing on an average of total Taka 2.6 lakh, including the cost of gas and electricity connectivity, are being given to each homeless family.

 According to the lists prepared under the Ashrayan project, the number of homeless and landless families is 293,361 in the country, while the number of only homeless families is 592,261. The swift progress of the Ashrayan project is commendable, and we hope that very soon there will be no homeless families in the country. 

Our kind-hearted and magnanimous Prime Minister has further proclaimed that in addition to the houses and deeds for the land, the previously homeless families will receive monetary and food assistance to help them find their feet, till they can start some work to earn their own livelihood. The houses are built in a neat and clean environment to enable the poor people to have healthy and hygienic living conditions. It is necessary that the new inhabitants maintain the cleanliness in and around their houses to make sure of the continuation of a clean and hygienic environment for their families to live in.