Heavy rains batter Khulna

Playground turns into a waterbody in B’ baria

21 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Khulna: Heavy monsoon rain pouring since Saturday morning flooded streets, caused waterlogging and disrupted traffic and public life in this south-western city, reports UNB. 

Overflowing rainwater swamped many shops, office buildings and houses. The meteorological office recorded 81 mm of rain from 6 am Saturday to 12 pm Sunday.

The city's Royal Junction, Baiti Para Road, Mistri Para, Jinnah Para, Shipyard Road and other low-lying areas were inundated due to the torrential downpour.

High fares charged by rickshaws, battery-powered easy bikes and three-wheelers compounded sufferings of the commuters.

In Brahmanbaria, a school playground is a place of recreation and relaxation for students but the playground of Shahzadpur High School in Sarail upazila has turned into a waterbody, thanks to authorities' negligence.

 The playground of the school remained waterlogged for the last two months as rainwater could not be drained out.

 If anyone sees the school ground for the first time he/she can easily mistakes it for a pond.   Due to the closure of educational institutions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic the students are not going to the school for more than a year.  When teachers and guardians come to the school for work and submission of assignments and other purposes they have to wade through the water to reach the school premises.

 The school ground remained waterlogged for the past two months as no one has taken initiative to resolve the problem.

 Teachers and guardians fear that if the situation continues for a longer period then the students will suffer a lot after reopening of the educational institutions.

 They demanded effective measures to remove water from the playground of the school immediately but yet to get any response from the authorities.  Abinash Chandra Deb, Headmaster of Shahzadpur High School, said "The waterlogging problem has been created for land filling in the adjacent areas."

 "We have informed the matter to Sarail Upazila Parishad Chairman, UNO, Upazila Secondary Education Officer and Shahzadpur UP Chairman 20-22 days ago and the UNO asked the local UP chairman to see the matter. But still no visible measures have been taken," he said.

 He urged the government to take effective measures to free the school ground from waterlogging problem. Zaharlal Bhowmik, Chairman of School managing committee, said, "The stagnation of water has been created due to poor drainage system as there are cluster villages around the school building."