Crores of taka being laundered thru Bitcoin

Staff Correspondent

21 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Crores of taka is being laundered abroad as rackets are involved in doing illegal trade of drugs and porno videos through virtual currency Bitcoin.

The RAB said a racket buys drugs and porno videos worth about Tk 15 million from abroad through Bitcoin every month and sells those to its contracted people at higher prices.

The racket has been committing the crimes since 2017, laundering nearly Tk 800 million abroad in the last four and a half years.

The information came after the elite force arrested four members of the gang, including the ringleader, from Mirpur area in the capital on Saturday night.

They are Prince Hamim Khan, 32, the ringleader, Rahul Sarkar, 21, Sanjib Dey Titas, 28, and Sohel Khan, 20. All are the inhabitants of Faridpur.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director (Legal and Media) of the RAB headquarters, briefed reporters at its media centre in Karwan Bazar area of the capital on Sunday.

During the investigation into the illegal trade of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) drug through Bitcoin, the elite force unearthed the gang.

The RAB officer said they bought porno videos and drugs, including LSD, from abroad through Bitcoin in a lower price and sold those to their contracted people at higher prices in the country.

They bought drugs and porno videos of about Tk 1.5 crore every month. By this way, they laundered crores of taka from the county, he added.

According to the officer, Hamim passed Honours and Masters in English from a college in Faridpur in 2013. After that, he was involved in the sale and buy of virtual coins.

He launched training course on the virtual currency in guise of computer trainings. He set up training centres in Gabtali and Mirpur of the city. About 50 people received trainings from his centres.

He has a facebook group in which there are several thousand members who used to share information on Bitcoin sale and buy.

The RAB officer said Hamim is very expert in IT related activities. Besides Bitcoin, he used to transact money through the virtual currencies -- Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Brast and Nano — with the men of the United Sates, the United Kingdom, Canada and some other countries.

Allegation of credit card forgery was raised against him. He is using programming language hacked credit cards of other people and bought Bitcoin through those.

He has 15 to 16 wallets in virtual world.

The officer said Bitcoin is legal in many countries. Anyone can open an account and buy Bitcoin sending money through Hundi.

The officer said that those who have accounts on virtual wallets opened accounts with fake NIDs and other information.