$300b market for Augmented Reality by 2025

Special Correspondent

21 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The Augmented Reality (AR) market will be worth $300 billion by 2025.

Huawei and third-party data predicted it last Thursday, said a release on Sunday.

Reinforcing the prediction, Bob Cai, Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Carrier BG, has delivered a keynote speech titled ‘5G + AR, Turning Dreams into Reality’ at Huawei’s Better World Summit 2021, organized in China on Thursday.

In this speech, Cai expressed that 5G will switch on AR, and AR will light up 5G. AR will first see massive adoption in five prioritized industries – education, social networking, shopping, traveling and navigation, and gaming by converging the physical and digital worlds, making dreams a reality.

Several high-profile guests have attended the event and delivered keynotes, including He Chengjian, Director, Shenzhen Communication Management Bureau; David MacQueen, Executive Director, Strategy Analytics; Huang He, Chief Producer, Shenzhen TV Station; Wei Rongjie, CEO, RealMax; Hiroshi Fukuda, CEO, meleap; Liang Jinhao, Representative, HADO China Region; and Fu Jie, Executive Director, Shenzhen AR Association. They shared the latest AR use cases and their thoughts about AR’s future trends.

Bob also announced the release of the AR Insight and Application Practice White Paper, which offers insights into the AR industry in terms of devices, applications, and networking.