Thursday, 1 June, 2023

Jobseekers running out of patience

Jobseekers running out of patience

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Nobody knows how much time it will take to recover the adverse economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic, or whether it is indeed possible or not. The unemployment problems have risen around the globe in a concerning way that will surely put the economies in an enduring crisis. However, the way to retrieve the situation is still unknown. The pandemic will certainly leave us someday. But what will happen to the fate of the jobseekers suffering immensely due to the pandemic? The jobseekers who are almost at the end of their age limit suffer the brunt of the pandemic.

The government had to make Hobson's choice to halt the academic activities of educational institutions as well as the recruitment process. Almost all recruitments in both the government and private sectors have stalled since the deadly virus hit the country. Consequently, a group of students gets themselves stuck in session jams. They along with other groups of students who have already completed their academic lives are passing days with anxiety due to the age limit of applying for government jobs. Though, the government, as a temporary solution, had decided to extend the age limit for one year in the previous year; any of such decisions are not taken for the current year. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic is not allowing these educated unemployed people to start private ventures.

It is true that once recruitment process begins after the pandemic, the problem of unemployment will ease to some extent. Still, the competency of some candidates will, unfortunately, remain untested if age limit for government jobs is not extended. They will fall out of the race for a reason they have no control over. It will just be an injustice to them.

Taking a proper, long-term and permanent plan is a must to draw a conclusion to the mental agony of the job applicants who are frustrated over the age bar. The policymakers must work out ways without further ado so that these people can get over the mental trauma and plan exquisitely for the future. At the same time, they should be provided other required supports to keep themselves afloat amid this pandemic.