Ban harmful apps

20 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The internet, especially some social networking sites, has gained much popularity among the young generation in the country in recent years. Gradually these sites have been turning into a platform for different controversial activities, which is a clear deviation from their original purpose— increase social interaction. Addiction to social media has been doing irreparable damage to simple-minded teenagers in different ways along with hampering their education. At the same time, it causes intrusion of different subcultures, totally different from our traditional ones. It results in an unusual and unexpected cultural gap followed by unrest in the psychology of the young generation. Therefore, the time has come to think of banning such apps with the aim of saving our next generation from the danger.

From the analysis of criminal activities in recent times, it can be safely commented that there is a direct coloration between crimes and some social networking sites like TikTok, Likee etc. Some youngsters are too making cheap and vulgar video contents, borrowing concepts from other cultures with the aim to get popular within a very short time. They are doing such activities intending to get more likes and comments and increase the number of followers that they consider a way to measure their popularity. Such practice is also misleading many youngsters, particularly girls, to fall prey to the trap of criminal groups to be exposed to different vulnerable situations.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has compelled people to stay at home, they are now spending most of their waking hours staring at screens. Youngsters are also passing busy times either browsing these social media platforms or playing online games, both of which are taking a heavy toll on teenage psychological and physical health.

The authorities concerned, therefore, must take the issue seriously. We know that many countries around the globe have already banned several controversial apps that seem harmful for the future generation. We should also consider taking such decision. These apps have hardly offered any benefits, but the owners have been earning a large sum of money from the country, just cashing in the addiction of the young generation. There is no reason to allow multi-faced problems without any benefits.