10 short filmmakers to get govt grant

Staff Correspondent

17 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

For making the short films, 10 filmmakers will get a total of Tk 17.7 million as a grant from the government in the fiscal year of 2020-21.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Wednesday disclosed the list of recipients to media.

The recipients are—Shopno Samudra for ‘Rupali Ansh’, Mehedy Hasan Arnob for ‘Jol Pahar aar Patader Golpo’, Shaila Rahman Tithi for ‘Juddho Joyer Kishore Nayak’, Nasrin Islam for ‘Swadhinotar Poster’, Shamsuddin Ahmad Shiblu for ‘Hawai Siri’, Rasel Rana for ‘Sonar Tori’, Fazle Hasan Shishir for ‘Jhiri Path Periye’, Tasmia Afrin for ‘Amar Nanu Bari’ Mehzad Galib for ‘Bindu Theke Britto: Ekjon Bokuler Akhyan’ and Dipak Chowdhury for ‘Shiriner Ekattor Jatra’.

Each director will get at least Tk 1.4 million to highest Tk 2 million for making their respective short film.

The ministry has set some 30 conditions. According to the conditions, every director has to complete their film within sixth months of receiving the first cheque of the grant. The length of the film will be between 35 and 55 minutes.

The ministry also appointed a mentor for each short film.

The Short Film Grants Committee considered the subjects for giving government grants in fiscal year 2020-21 including spirit Liberation War, life-oriented human values and artistic films.