Corporate Corner

17 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Corporate Corner

A picture taken recently shows workers operating sewing machines in a garment factory at the Hawassa Industrial Park in Hawassa, southern Ethiopia. Long hours (eight-hour shifts, six days a week), low pay ($35 a month) and managers so strict they would go into bathrooms and yank out workers suspected of exceeding their allotted break time highlight a major threat to Ethiopia's vision of constructing a national network of industrial parks to attract foreign investment, foster a robust manufacturing sector and provide badly needed jobs for its young workforce. While the parks have created tens of thousands of jobs, reports of grim conditions have drawn criticism at home and abroad, and thousands of employees have walked out.


Santiago Porteiro takes advantage of the winds from the outerbands of Hurricane Sandy to kite surf in Miami, Florida. US real estate became a hot commodity during the Covid-19 pandemic, but an industry survey released recently said vacation homes were even hotter, underscoring how those who could afford it sought comfort far from cities despite the economy's collapse.


Indian Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) delivery men hold placards and shout slogans protesting against the Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) for providing pipeline gas supply for domestic consumption and corporate businesses houses, in Amritsar on Wednesday.


Janata Bank Managing Director and CEO Md Abdus Salam Azad presides over a branch managers’ conference of the bank through digital platform in the capital on Wednesday. Branch managers of Chattogram, Cumilla and Noakhali took part in the conference.