‘Vibe’ frontman Shuddho returns

His song ‘Porajito Bir’ now available on streaming platforms worldwide

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14 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

‘Vibe’ frontman Shuddho returns

A decade after his band’s debut album ‘Chena  Jogot2’, VIBE frontman Shuddho Fuad Sadi has returned with his very first solo number ‘Porajito Bir’ (translated: a hero defeated). This song had a limited release in Bangladesh in November 2019 through launch partners GP Music and Radio Dhol 94.0 FM, followed by a broader release and international distribution in 2020. The song quickly reached number 3 on Grameenphone’s ‘GPMusic Billboard Hot 20’ following its release in Bangladesh. ‘Porajito Bir’ is now on all major streaming platforms worldwide,” said Shuddho, cofounder, vocalist and guitarist of VIBE. The song is available on global streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. as well as Bangladeshi digital platforms like GP Music, Banglalink Vibe and Airtel Splash.

This single is a sequel to VIBE’s popular number ‘Obak Shob Shopno’. Shuddho is joined by   Tanvir Tomal on drums. Tomal was a founding member of Clover Mind and was one of the masterminds behind Tantrik (which got later renamed to Artcell). He is currently playing with bands like Screaming Monkeys, Jotil and Shumaun in USA.

“It’s been surreal getting back to writing music. 13years  ago, I  had  traded  in  my passion and dreams  and  moved  to  Virginia  to further  my  education, and before  I  even  knew  it, I got  busy chasing the American Dream. I always thought I would get back to doing music someday, but little did I know my destiny had something else in store for me”, added Sadi.

Shuddho currently resides in USA and works as a Robotics Automation Engineer fora Fortune 100 Company in USA. Through his song ‘Porajito Bir’, Shuddho has tried to illustrate the reality of what it’s like to live by strong values in today’s world.

The VIBE frontman also revealed that his new number ‘Nirob Michile’ (translated: in silent procession) is scheduled to be released on June 15 on all major streaming platforms worldwide.