Remove barriers to investment

14 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

In view of turning Bangladesh into a developed country by 2041, our visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has wisely drawn out a futuristic pathway, which includes the development of numerous economic zones all over the country. Renowned international and national companies are coming forward to establish industrial units in many of them. We foresee that these will increase the productive ability and employment opportunity of the country by manifold in the near future.

Once these economic zones start to function and flourish, people from the surrounding areas will easily get employment opportunities nearer their home. This will lead to fewer people rushing from the villages and district towns to the big cities seeking employment. As soon as some of the industries become operational in these planned economic zones, the adjacent areas will thrive as other amenities like schools, markets, healthcare facilities, etc. will naturally follow.

We hope that the authorities concerned will help clear the proverbial red-tape surrounding our government offices that has long prevented Bangladesh from progressing. Recently a problem regarding the area of jurisdiction between the Power Development Board (PDB) and the Rural Electrification Board (REB) made headlines. In fact, the power required to run industries cannot be adequately supplied by the REB, whereas PDB has industrial power supply capacity, but they do not have the authority to supply power in the rural areas. This problem arose as more industrial areas are coming up in rural Bangladesh and can be easily solved by increasing the capacity of REB.

Similarly, other issues may also come up regarding utilities and road facilities. We hope that issues like supply of power, water and gas which fall under government jurisdiction will be solved as soon as they arise. This will prove the devotion of high officials of the concerned departments towards the Vision 2041 of the government.

The government of Sheikh Hasina is trying its level best to create Bangladesh as visualised by our beloved Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman more than half a century ago. The dream cannot become a reality if the speed breakers that are put on the way to setting up factories and industries are not removed by reducing paperwork and barriers to investment opportunities in the country.