Get tough on online propaganda

13 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

An unsocial as well as anti-social behaviour of spreading rumours and propaganda through social media sites has reached epidemic proportions in the country. To some extent, law enforcement agencies can take action against such malpractices by local internet users, but those living abroad have the free rein. According to a Daily Sun report, a group of people who are living abroad taking political asylum or being exiled from the country have rampantly been propagandising with a view to mislead our mass people and tarnish the reputation of our country around the world. The absence of required laws to bring them to book has been making those people with sinister ulterior motives feel less worried about the consequences of their treasonous activities.

There are hundreds of groups on social media as well as many YouTube channels that were earlier blocked in the country because of their ominous involvement in spreading racial, religious and political hatred to destabilise the country. Those Facebook pages and YouTube channels are now being operated from abroad for serving the same purpose. Some new faces, who are often criticised for their previous controversial activities, join the above mentioned section. At present, both of them are working collaboratively for their personal interests, tarnishing the image of our country.  On the other hand, staying in the country, another group is serving them in different ways to spread their propaganda while the VPN of other countries helps these offenders to hide their identity with ease.

It is quite astonishing at the same time regrettable that till date our security agencies have no tools to punish the culprits who are committing cybercrime staying abroad. However, it is a pleasure to learn that the authorities concerned have considered the issue seriously and thus taken steps to enact necessary laws to protect mass people, particularly the young generation, from falling into the trap of these perpetrators and getting involved in militancy. The culprits who think they are out of reach because of living abroad must face punishment for their wrong deeds. At the same, we cannot let some ill-motive people ruin the country’s reputation that we have earned through the hard labour of our people.