Prices of essentials soar in capital

Staff Correspondent

12 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Prices of essentials soar in capital

Prices of almost all the essential commodities have increased, causing financial constraints to the low-income people in the capital.

While visiting several kitchen markets in the capital on Friday, it was found that prices of vegetables have increased despite adequate supply.

In Joar Shahara Kachabazar, price of potato soared by Tk 5 and was selling at Tk 25 per kg while cucumber was selling at Tk 40 to 50 per kg, brinjal at Tk 50 to 60 per kg, tomato at Tk 50 per kg, lady’s finger at Tk 40 to 50, teasel gourd at Tk 50 to 60, carrot at Tk 80 to 100, bitter gourd at Tk 60, green papaya at Tk 60 to 70, pumpkin at Tk 50 per kg, and bottle gourd at Tk 35 to 45 and ash gourd at Tk 35 to 40 and cauliflower at Tk 40 to 50 per piece.

Seasonal pointed gourds, ridge and snake gourds were selling at Tk 50 to 60 per kg. Lemon was selling at Tk 5 per piece.

A bunch of leafy vegetables of different species was selling at Tk 10 to 20 in the city.

Besides, dried chili was selling at Tk 260 per kg, garlic at Tk 80 to 130 per kg and ginger at Tk 80 to 150 per kg. Turmeric was being sold at Tk 180 to 220.

Prices of oil continue to increase in the capital’s kitchen markets. The soybean oil was selling at Tk 151 to 155 a litre though it was Tk 150 to 153 in the last week.

The price of per bottle of 5 litre soybean oil was Tk 660 to 720 while it was Tk 650 to 720 in the last week, According to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) website.

The crude oil per litre was selling at Tk 123 to 130 while it was sold at Tk 125 to 130 last week.

The price of sugar has gone up to Tk 75 per kg. Besides, 1 kg packet of sugar was being sold at Tk 78 to 80 per kg.

Miniket rice was being sold at Tk 60 to 62 per kg, which was Tk 55 to 56 last week. Nazirshail was being sold at Tk 72 to 75 per kg with a slight increase. However, the price of BR-28 and Chinigura rice has remained unchanged. Per kg BR-28 was being sold at Tk 48 to 50 and Chinigura rice at Tk 90 to 100. The prices of fresh water fishes have increased by Tk 30 to 50 per kg this week.

In Dhaka’s New Market Kachabazar, deshi shing and magur were selling at Tk 400 to 500 per kg, koi at Tk 400 to 550, tengra at Tk 350 to 400, shoul at Tk 450 to 600, Pabda at 300 to 450 and Gulsha at Tk 450 to 600.

Of other fishes, rui was selling at Tk 200 to 350, boal at Tk 400 to 550, shrimp at Tk 300 to 400, puti at Tk 250 to 400 per kg, kachki at Tk 300 to 350, rupchanda at Tk 650 to 800 per kg, batashi at Tk 450 to 600, aire fish at Tk 500 to 700, baila at Tk 450 to 550 per kg, and telapia at Tk 120 to Tk 180 per kg.

Price of hilsa has shot up. The fish was selling at Tk 1300 to 2000 per kg.

A dozen of red eggs were being sold at Tk 100 to 105 while a dozen of duck eggs were Tk 130 and a dozen of golden (cock) chicken eggs at Tk 140 to 145.

Prices of chickens have decreased slightly in different kitchen markets in the capital.

Traders were selling broiler chickens at Tk 130 to 140 per kg. Red layer chicken was being sold at Tk 230 to 240 per kg while golden chicken was selling at Tk 210 to 230 per kg.

Prices of other products including beef, mutton and spices remained unchanged. Mutton was being sold at Tk 600 to 750 per kg, while beef was selling at Tk 600 per kg.

However, price of onion has decreased in the kitchen markets in Dhaka. Suddenly the supply of local onions in the market decreased, which caused the price to go up. The price jumped from Tk 40 to 60 per kg.