Mosques as centres of knowledge and culture

12 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina virtually inaugurated 50 model mosques across the country as part of the government’s initiatives marking the Mujib Year. She stated that Islam is the best religion, and it teaches peace and harmony. She also stated that it is the lack of proper knowledge of the teachings of Islam that is the problem with the youths of today.

The peace-loving people of Bangladesh are secular in their socio-cultural practices and also deeply religious in nature. Religious beliefs and secularism are not opposed to each other; rather the truly religious people respect all other religions and people. Bangladesh is an excellent example for religious harmony for the world. In Bangladesh, people of various religions and ethnicities have coexisted side by side, peacefully and harmoniously since time immemorial. It is widely acknowledged that all religions teach their followers about love, peace and tolerance. Hatred and discord among people are not bred by any religion but by politically motivated vested interest groups.

Currently, there is an opinion that correct moral and religious guidance may lead to greater peace and harmony in the world. Many of the problems in the present day world stems from the fact that the majority of the people are more or less disconnected from moral and religious teachings. Improper religious knowledge is leading to discord and fighting in many countries of the world, Bangladesh is no exception to this fact.

Therefore, we hope that the mosques in Bangladesh will become centres of excellence in seeking true knowledge in all the sciences and arts alongside proper religious teachings for all including foreigners and non-Muslims. The fear of the unknown is inherent in every individual and nation. With more knowledge about the truth of Islam, the religious misconceptions will gradually disappear, which can help bring people closer to each other.