Renovate Kamalapur foot-bridge

11 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

In Dhaka city, the pedestrians are reluctant to use foot-over-bridges. But, a particular bridge is quite the different. It is the foot-bridge that connects Kamalapur Railway Station with Mugdapara and adjacent localities. Every day, a large number of people living in and around the areas pass over the bridge to reach their offices or places of work in Motijheel Commercial Area. This is probably the city's longest foot-bridge on which many people depend for their livelihood purpose. Thanks to the Bangladesh Railways authorities for building such a bridge on the periphery of the city's busy commercial hub.

But, regrettably, the bridge which was built for convenience of people has now turned into a death trap following development of a hole on the bridge. This has been visible in a snapshot taken by the press photographer of this newspaper which the readers saw in its Wednesday issue. From the picture it is evident that the bridge has been damaged due to sheer negligence of the authorities in doing their routine maintenance work over a fairly long period. As a result, people are now suffering a lot. They are unable to move along the bridge safely. On many occasions, office-goers and others remain in a hurry to rush to their destinations. In a moment of carelessness, they might sustain grievous injuries if anyhow their feet get stuck in the damaged part of the bridge. In case of a minor boy or girl, he/she will easily fall prey to the situation. Senior citizens who are unable to maintain their physical balance have to remain in a constant threat of danger.

Night time is the most dangerous time for all as the bridge remains almost dark at this particular period. At this time, the bridge should be kept out of bound for pedestrians. Keeping pedestrians' safety in mind, the damaged bridge should immediately be repaired. During innovation period, a warning sign may be displayed to alert pedestrians. If needed, a temporary fence may be erected around it to keep people at bay. The authorities should take the measures urgently as it is their sole responsibility to ensure the safety of pedestrians.