Eco-friendly polythene by June 2022

Staff Correspondent

10 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Shahab Uddin on Wednesday said biodegradable (eco-friendly) polythene produced from jute may hit the market by June, 2022.   

The minister expressed his hope while speaking at the 54th virtual meeting of the Board of Trustees on Climate Change in Bangladesh.

He said even after giving the necessary allocation, it was not possible to market the polythene produced from jute due to various limitations.

The government is continuing its efforts to invent jute bags as an alternative to the polythene bags which cause environmental pollution, said the minister.

“To this end, the government has given necessary allocations to the innovators concerned through the Climate Change Trust Fund. Due to some limitations, it has not yet been possible to produce biodegradable polythene for marketing. But we will be able to do so by June 2022,” he added.