Mahmood’s ‘Buno Hash’

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9 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Mahmood’s ‘Buno Hash’

Amidst all the chaos of reality, every soul looks for at least one place or person, where love and peace live together in a harmony. ‘Buno Hash’ is a song reflecting that special place in the most romantic and melodious way possible. It’s a duet sung by Mahmood and his better half Surya Banin. Written and tuned by Mahmood himself, Muttaque Haseeb has arranged the music of the song. When national award winning- artiste Emon Chowdhury finally has provided his magical touch of mastering, ‘Buno Hash’ bloomed with fragrance.

About the track, Mahmood said, “I hope the audience will love ‘Buno Hash’, and I still have so much more to give”.

The ambiance of the song was transformed amazingly into an animated music video created by Nishat Tasnim. ‘Buno Hash’ was released on Mahmood’s own YouTube channel on June 2.