Plant trees or perish!

9 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The rainy season knocks at the door. This is the perfect season to plant trees which are our best friends. They supply oxygen without which we cannot live more than about two minutes. Trees are equally important to our environment. Those are crucial in the fight against climate change, the number one threat to mankind. The fifth of June marked the World Environment Day that reminded us of our personal responsibility of planting trees. On this day, groups and individuals were encouraged to plant and care for trees. But, the practice should be continued throughout the year — not just for a day.

  Ironically, nowadays lots of people are involved in chopping down trees to use wood as fuel for cooking food, making furniture and meeting other personal needs. Trees are being felled at random for building roads and buildings. Recently, a large number of trees got chopped in Suhrawardy Udyan for its so-called beautification. Later, in face of widespread protests, especially from the environmental enthusiasts, the authorities concerned finally revoked their earlier stance. The diminishing green cover in the capital has many implications, including increased pollution and lack of protection from heat as well as other hazards for the residents. In this regard, mass awareness campaign is a must to reverse the trend.

There is an immense benefit of tree plantation. Particularly, fruit-bearing tree planting has many potential benefits. These trees are good for environment. They meet people's nutritional requirement besides providing them with valuable timber. A fruit-bearing tree begins to produce fruits within 4-5 years, while a log tree takes at least 20 years to grow. Till then they will be of no use. Unfortunately, our bureaucrats are prone to bring saplings of exotic trees such as eucalyptus and other ones from abroad. But, it has been proved beyond doubt that these varieties of trees are environmentally harmful. Discarding exotic trees, we should plant indigenous fruit-bearing trees in large number.