Social media turns into anti-social sites

8 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The impact of science and technology relies very much on an individual’s use of that particular technology. The use of social networking sites in Bangladesh is a glaring example of it. Social networking sites that are supposed to develop social relationships are gradually making people, especially the younger generation, unsocial and anti-social, leaving a destructive impact on society.

Along with making people internet addicted, sites like Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Likee, Bigo and TikTok are turning into the platform for spreading rumours and hatred and doing anti-social activities day by day. These sites have been a viable option for the criminal-minded netizens to contact with each other and have become the platform for another group to get popularity within the shortest possible time by attracting the young generation by making cheap and vulgar short videos. Moreover, doing unsocial and criminal activities like human trafficking using social media celebrity image become headline often.

Several factors have been contributing to this social degradation. The psychology to come into the limelight by any means and without much struggle is one of the main reasons for making cheap and obscene videos while the absence of monitoring system in those sites and degradation of standard of morality in society have been giving them the free licence to produce such contents. The reasons behind using social media to contact each other and creating groups in social media platforms by criminals are almost the same. The lack of monitoring, except some special issues, on Facebook and other sites is, on the other hand, triggering the trends to assassinate someone’s character and spread fake and fabricated news with particular purposes.

The authorities concerned must consider the issue seriously and take necessary steps to control the crimes that are done using the internet. A regulation for video content can be made, but if it is not possible sites like TikTak and Likee can be shut down like in many of the countries around the globe. Besides, exemplary punishment should be ensured for the criminals. Most of all, the parents have to look after their children in a proper manner and teach moral values and ethics from the very beginning of their lives. A comprehensive attempt can only improve the situation.