Water-logging persists, so do excuses

7 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Without any excuse, authorities concerned must keep the drainage systems of cities and townships clear of debris, silts, plastics and blockages round the year. Free flow of drains must be ensured all the time, not just in a particular season. Dedicated manpower must be engaged for this purpose. Also, every day the dirt collected after sweeping of the roads must be cleared immediately, not left piled by roadsides for later removal.

Bangladesh gets the highest annual rainfall during the monsoon, from June to August. But the rain starts as early as April to ease the summer heat. Nature has been bountiful towards us in uncountable ways. Rainfalls are one such blessing, which refills the underground aquifers for our teeming millions to thrive.

Mismanagement of city sewerage systems by the authorities turns the blessing of nature appear like a curse. Rather, those in charge of keeping our sewers clear are a curse for the country. Any negligence leading to the sufferings of millions year after year must be made accountable to the tax payers. Exemplary punishment is likely to permanently solve the water-logging problems in the cities and towns.

It is a shame that water-logging persists in the cities even after millions are being spent on the roads and the sewerage systems every year. Come rain or storm, the drains overflow onto the roads making them more like gushing rivers with boats plying on them as the vehicles come to a standstill with their exhausts getting choked. Alas, we were expecting something different this year, but it is the same old passing the buck going on even now, as the roads become unnavigable by vehicles due to waist deep waters.

It is incomprehensible why operating pumps to drain out rainwater from roads should be so difficult needing previous experience. Rather, we feel that - ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ - kind of attitude must be acquired by our various public service providers to ensure optimum service to the people and country.

No excuses whatsoever are acceptable in perpetuity. To ensure proper rainwater drainage, the low lying areas in the cities must also be kept free from encroachment by all means.