WASA Yet to Hand Over Necessary Papers

DSCC, DNCC face problem in running water pumps

Rashidul Hasan

6 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

DSCC, DNCC face problem in running water pumps

Vehicles are wading through waterlogged Green Road in the capital on Saturday. Heavy rain has turned many parts of the city into swamps. - MD NASIR UDDIN

With no previous experience to operate those and in the absence of operation manuals, the two city corporations of Dhaka are facing problems in running and maintaining machines to pump out accumulated rainwater from different parts of the capital.

Officials at Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) said if the pumps are operated without proper operation and maintenance manuals, those may get damaged and the city will be under water.

They said Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) handed over the five stormwater pumping stations at Rampura, Kalyanpur, Dholaikhal and Kamalapur at the beginning of the year but has not yet transferred necessary documents.

Officials at both DSCC and DNCC said they asked the WASA authorities several times to submit the important documents but they are yet to receive positive response.

Meanwhile, for lack of maintenance, at least eight out of 21 pumping machines are now out of order, officials said. Besides, five others remained idle for lack of a power substation.

Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) of DNCC Ariful Hasan said, “We haven’t yet got operation and maintenance manuals, detailed maps and the mechanical and electrical drawings of the pumping stations that are very essential for us.”

He also said, “If there’s any defect in the machines, we can’t fix it without maintenance manual. If we operate the machines without operation manual and trained engineers, the pumps may get damaged because some pumps are controlled by programmable logic controller panel.”

Citing Rampura pumping station as an example, he said, “The pumps are installed by China CAMC Engineering Company Ltd while the operation panel was set up by ABB, a Germany-based company. If we operate and maintain the pumps without the manual and proper knowledge, those may get damaged.”

Executive Engineer of Waste Management Department of DSCC Md Shafiullah Siddiqui Bhuiyan said “We didn’t get a complete set of the log books and couldn’t trace the history of the operation of the machines. We’ve asked for the documents to WASA. But they’re yet to hand over those to us.”

He also said they are yet to get the detailed maps, drawings and designs of the pumping stations. “It’ll be easier for us to operate and maintain the pumps with the documents in hand. If there’s any problem in underground pipelines, how can we find it without detailed map?”

Asked, Director (Technical) of Dhaka WASA AKM Shahid Uddin said   they have handed over some necessary documents of pumps to the two city corporations while the handover of some documents is under process.

“It’s an excuse. We operated the pumps without any manual and never took the help of it. Besides, our pump operators are still there and engineers are also deputed to the city corporations. We’ll provide all technical assistance for the city corporations for two years.”

“Even they don’t have to find underground pipelines if there’re any defect. We’ll continue maintenance work with the city corporations for two years as per the provision of the contract. I hope there’ll no trouble in the underground pipes of the pumps.”