Doarabazar-Laxmipur road lies in a bad shape

3 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

SUNAMGANJ: The road from Upazila Sadar to Laxmipur in Doarabazar upazila of the district is now a curse. This road is used by more than one lakh people from 80 villages of Laxmipur, Surma and Bogla unions of the upazila. This road is the only hope of these three unions to communicate with Upazila Sadar, District Sadar and Divisional Town. Besides, people of Banglabazar Union also use this road.

This road built by the Local Government Engineering Department has now become a choke point for commuters due to lack of repairs. The whole road is now impassable as it has been in dilapidated condition for years.

According to the locals living alongside the road, normal traffic is a long way off- now it has become risky to walk on the road.

Mamun Mia, a student at Doarabazar Government Degree College, said, “Our studies are being disrupted due to the dilapidated road. I have to spend extra car rental and time to go to college.” Pedestrians and passengers are constantly suffering while digging holes, mud and waterlogging all over the road. Accidents take place more or less every day. So, the Doarabazar-Laxmipur road is now a source of panic for pedestrians and passengers.

Sick people, medical treatment recipients, pregnant women and the elderly are frightened when they hear the name of this road. Everywhere you look on the road, you only see the dilapidated condition.

Mohammad Omar Gani, a resident of Baktarpur village in Laxmipur union, said, “We can’t explain how much we have been suffering for years in traveling to the upazila headquarters. We are the residents of the enclave. Suffering does not leave us behind.”

Retired engineer Bir Muktijoddha Abdul Halim Bir Pratik, a resident of Tengratila village in Surma Union, said, “The condition of the road is very critical. We have to travel at risk. I wish the top administration and the people’s representatives the best of luck in repairing the road as soon as possible.”

In the Surma Union part of the road in upazila up to Sharifpur, Shantipur, Girishnagar, Mohabbatpur, Rubber Dam area is full of potholes and mud. There are piles of rods, bricks and cement scattered in dangerous condition. There is a risk of a major accident at any time. In many parts of the road, small and big broken holes have been created and waterlogging has taken place due to accumulation of dirty water. Pedestrians are constantly suffering due to mud and water.

Amirul Haque, joint convener of Upazila Awami League and chairman of Laxmipur Union Parishad, said, “I use this road myself. The whole road is impassable. I understand the suffering of the people of my greater Ladhipur Union while traveling to the Upazila Sadar by this road. Contacting the LGED office again and again, I could not find any visible remedy. LGED has been urging the authorities but LGED has not taken any initiative to repair the road yet. We demand immediate repair of the public road.”

The whole road up to Noapara, Laxmipur, Leyakatganj-West Banglabazar area of Laxmipur Union is covered with mud. As there is no alternative road, pedestrians and passengers have been seen walking on the mud at risk. Not only pedestrians and passengers, but also drivers are constantly facing various problems while driving at risk. Many CNG drivers were seen pushing their vehicles as they got stuck in ditches, mud and waterlogging.

CNG drivers Abdul Wadud and Swapan Mia said, “I drive on this road at risk in pursuit of livelihood. As the whole road is dilapidated, after a while the auto rickshaw gets stuck into the mud. Most of the money I earn by driving all day is spent on car repairs. There is no one to see the misery of our roads!”

Abdul Awal, vice-president of the central committee of the Jatiya Krishak Party, a resident of Shantipur village in the same union, said, “Greater Laxmipur union is a remote area as a remote upazila. Due to floods and heavy rains, it is not possible to maintain low quality roads here. This road should be rebuilt as soon as possible as the first step in the development of communication in remote areas.”

Debatosh Paul, executive engineer of LGED in Doarabazar upazila, said about 26 km of road from Doarabazar to Laxmipur is under LGED.  “Hopefully the project will pass soon. But it will take time because of the pandemic,” he added.