Stay the course, PM

3 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Good leadership qualities play an instrumental role in achieving social change and socio-economic development by paving the way and directing others while the followers complete the tasks assigned to them and help bring the changes.

The world goes through complexities and requirements arising from the constant change in society every moment, making good leadership necessary to cope with changing situation. However, the nation is lucky enough to have such a good leader who always dreams of changing the fate of the mass people and works tirelessly to make her dreams come true, defeating all odds.

Leading the country for the third consecutive term, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has now started getting outcomes of her tireless efforts as the development of our country and her prudent leadership in achieving different targets have been praised by the people as well as the international leaders and media. Her role in handling the coronavirus pandemic so far had prompted the Commonwealth to bracket her with two other women leaders of the world. Besides, the recent decision to lend money to Sri Lanka and extend hands in India’s coronavirus fight has announced our economic rise that has been possible because of the premier’s visionary leadership.

To fulfil the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s dream to be ‘Switzerland’ of the east, Sheikh Hasina has been maintaining friendly relations with all the countries around the globe, which help the country in Covid-19 vaccine diplomacy. While many of the economically powerful countries have still been struggling to get vaccines, Bangladesh has already vaccinated more than one crore people and signed agreements with three different countries to procure more vaccines to inoculate the rest.

Her indomitable spirit helps the country manage different crisis situations, ensure food security, reduce poverty and illiteracy rate, empower women, curb militancy, attain economic growth and graduate from LDC. All of her success has earned her a respectable position in the global arena. Her active role instead of just participation in different international summits has made Bangladesh proud.

Long live Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina!