Crimes increase during lockdown

Mahabub Alam

31 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Various crimes, including murder, have increased throughout the country during the ongoing lockdown imposed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

At least 425 people were killed and 1,425 injured in 1,402 violent and non-violent incidents across the country in April, shows a data from the Department of Centre for Genocide Studies at Dhaka University.

Law enforcers have arrested 2,507 accused in connection with the crimes.

The data also shows that at least 352 people were killed and 1,155 injured in about 1,155 violent and non-violent incidents in March. February has witnessed 1,055 such incidents, claiming the lives of 313 people.

Besides this, 306 people were killed in January of this year and 318 in December last year.

In comparison, April has witnessed more murders than previous four months—March, February, January and December.

According to the department, violent incident is intentional use of physical force by an individual or group against another individual or group resulting in death, injury and harm to properties while non-violent incident happens among people suddenly, resulting the same kinds of offences.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director (Legal and Media) of Raid Action Battalion (RAB), has told the Daily Sun that some types of crimes have increased during the ongoing lockdown though police, RAB and other law enforcers are trying their best to thwart crimes.

He has said that murders are being committed with mugging, drug trade and other crimes on the unabated.

It seems people have developed a negative change in their minds and are involved in crimes for various reasons during the lockdown, he added. According to the data of the DU, the domestic and dowry-related violence increased by 20 percent in March compared to February. It was 137 in March, 86 in February, 43 in January and 45 in December.

The data says the violence against children saw a seven percent rise in March compared to February.  It was 104 in March and 97 in February.

Police and RAB sources said numbers of robbery and theft are in upward trend during the lockdown.

Criminals looted valuables from many shops throughout the country as those were remained closed for a long time.

Two night guards -- Kazi Salauddin and Sujon Mia -- were killed by the criminals at Vasantek and Khilgaon in the capita on March 10 and May 16 as they resisted them to commit robbery at the shops there.

Teen and youths gangs have now become desperate though law enforcers arrested a big number of them from different parts of the country.

Md Mahiduzzaman, superintendent of police (Cyber Crime) of the Anti-Terrorism Unit of police, has told the Daily Sun that cyber crimes have augmented during the lockdown.

He has said the militants succeeded in recruiting new members through social media.  Police are regularly removing militancy contents, but they again returned to the same jobs opening another accounts.

Mahiduzzaman has added that they conducted a survey and found one in 11 smartphone users is in risk of falling the trap of militancy as they are spending huge time on the social media sites through their smartphones

The officer has informed that about 160 million people use smartphones in our country.

When contacted, Sohel Rana, assistant inspector general (Media and Public Relations) of police, told the Daily Sun that he could not say whether the crimes rose.

“But I can say police are maintaining their duties well to check crimes,” he said.