MP divorced from democratic spirit

31 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Mutual respect despite having disagreements over any issue is one of the most beautiful features of democracy. In a standard democracy, always there are scopes to differ from an opinion and argue, but there is no chance to disrespect others for their opinion, whether it is right or wrong. However, the reaction Whip of National Parliament Shamsul Hoque Chowdhury (MP), his son and brother have reportedly shown against a veteran Freedom Fighter and Awami League leader Samsuddin Ahmed is not acceptable in any way. Threatening to kill a heroic Freedom Fighter or take off his clothes because of his stance against alleged corruption of the legislator and his family is far away from the democratic norms and nothing but an offence.

There were several democratic options open for Shamsul Hoque alias Bichchu to protest his opponent from the same political party. Even if he is unsatisfied with those options, he could go to court. However, the lawmaker did not go in that way; instead he decided to use the power of his position, neglecting the culture of democracy and existing social norms. Such behaviour of a public representative against a Freedom Fighter belonging to a political party that led the War of Liberation is quite unacceptable. Moreover, a series of allegations of corruption and criminal offences have been raised against Bichchu and his son.

The reason behind such an undemocratic and authoritarian attitude of a member of parliament is not a silly issue to be overlooked. The lack of democratic practices among the political parties has been contributing most to the growing up of Bichchu-like leaders who do politics for personal gain instead of doing it for the people. Along with ensuring punishment for the wrongdoers, the political parties, therefore, must close the doors through which criminal-minded people enter politics with the intention to do offences under this cover. We must keep in mind that the identity of criminals must be just criminals, nothing else. They cannot be a leader of the mass people. As a democratic state, we always say to institutionalise democracy. However, without nurturing democratic culture in the political field, it would not be possible at all.