Rooftop farming: A new era of modern farming

30 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

As the world population races to 10 billion people and farmable land quickly decreases, keeping up with increasing food demand is a challenge in need of solutions. Rooftop farming is a great solution nowadays especially in urban areas where there is limited land that can be used for farming. Besides, rooftop farming is not just a great solution for meeting the growing demand for food production. They are also a great solution for enhancing urban landscape and reducing urban air pollution and improving air quality.

Before getting into the details of rooftop farming, let’s find out what modern farming is.

Modern Farming: Modern farming means farming with the help of new and advanced techniques and technology. That means farming with the facilities of modern science and technologies.

Rooftop farming: Rooftop farming is farming on the roof of a building. The practice of cultivating food on the rooftop of a building is referred to as rooftop farming. Rooftop farming is a step towards urban sustainability. There are many reasons for why rooftop farming is the best solution for smart urban agriculture.

Some benefits of rooftop farming are mentioned below:

• Enhance the urban landscape

• Make cities more eco-friendly

• Helps to cool the building

• Reducing carbon emissions

• Increase the availability of real, healthy food. 

Tips for Starting a Rooftop Garden:

• Start with a plan

•  Consult with the building engineer

• Check into access.

• Use sturdy materials

• Find a water source.

• Look for storage space    

• Pick the right planting medium

Advantages of rooftop farming:

• Increase the lifespan of the cool

• Boosting thermal performance

• Helping out the environment

• Aiding air quality

• Biodiversity

Disadvantages of rooftop farming: There are very few disadvantages, but the cost of installation is the main one. Others are:

• A greater expense than traditional roots

• An increase in weight load

• Require extra maintenance

Rooftop farming offers so many benefits that it would not be considered as an artificial installation in an appropriate area. Once installed, a rooftop garden can be beautiful, low maintenance and eco-friendly.


Syeda Sajeda Khasru Nisha,

BSc in Agriculture, Sylhet

Agricultural University