OKUP demands 10pc of remittance as allocation for migrant workers

Staff Correspondent

30 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Migrants’ organisation ‘OKUP’ has demanded that the next budget should allocate 10 percent of inward remittance for migrant workers’ protection and welfare.

It also called for including socially and economically vulnerable returnee migrants social safety net programme.

The organisation urged to increase incentives given remittances from 2 percent to 5 percent and to ensure apportion of necessary budget in the next fiscal year to start ‘provident Fund’ for guaranteeing social benefits of the migrant workers for their protection.

OKUP Chairperson Shakirul Islam made this demand in a statement on Saturday. Remittances sent by the migrant workers have been contributing to the overall development of the country which has made Bangladesh a model of development in the world by making commendable transitions in various social and financial indicators, OKUP leaders said. Compared to the migrant workers’ contribution to the country, the government initiatives  for the protection and welfare of migrant workers are not enough, the complained.

The allocation for the development of migrant workers was regrettably below 1 percent in the previous fiscal years, they added.