Youths getting addicted to new drug !

LSD seized for first time in country

Staff Correspondent

28 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A new deadly drug named “lysergic acid diethylamide” (LSD) has been seized with three dealers arrested for the first time in the country.

Detective police arrested the drug dealers with 200 blots of the new drug worth about Tk 6 lakh from Lalmatia and Dhanmondi areas of the capital on Wednesday night.

They are Sadman Sakib Rupol, 25, Ashab Wadud Turjo, 22, and Adib Ashraf, 23.

Police found the narcotic drug while carrying out an investigation into the ‘suicide’ of Dhaka University student Hafizur Rahman. He allegedly killed himself on May 15 soon after taking the drug.

DMP Additional Commissioner (DB) AKM Hafiz Akhter briefed reporters on the seizure of the drug on Thursday.

Sources said that at about 8:00pm on May 15, DU student Hafizur rushed to a green coconut selling van in front of Dhaka Medical College Hospital and took a chopper from it, and hacked his (Hafiz) throat with the sharp weapon. He was rushed to the hospital where he died on that day. As the doctors and police could not identify him, his body was kept at the hospital morgue after conducting autopsy.

On May 23, family members identified his body there, according to the sources.

During investigation, police came to know his three friends made him take the terrible drug on the premises of the DU on the day of incident. Later, he killed self for reaction of the drug.

DB officer Hafiz Akhter said that during investigation, police laid emphasis on the life style of the victim Hafiz, family history and life style of his friends.

Police talked to some of his friends and came to know about his addiction to a new drug and later about the drug sellers.

According to the DB officer, during primarily interrogation, Rupol, a student of North South University, had been bringing the drug from the Netherlands for about one year. He bought the drug from Team, a citizen of the foreign country.

He bought each blot in exchange for Tk 800 to 1,000, communicating through Telegram app. He sent the money through Pay pal mail and received the drug through courier services.

He has a Faceebook ID named ‘Apnar Abba’ and a Facebook group named ‘Better brawry and beyond,’ which has 1,000 members.

Rupol, who was once a student of the DU and expelled, and two other arrestees—Turjo and Adib used to sell the drug through the Facebook ID and the group.  They sold each blot of the LSD in exchange for Tk 3,000.

Each blot can be taken just one time. The drug remains mix with a tiny piece of paper. It looks a post stamp. The method of taking is: one just keeps the piece of paper on or under his or her tongue. After keeping, effects typically begin within half an hour and can last for up to 20 hours. One will begin to feel a change in his mind. He or she considers him or her a king, a powerful person to push a train aside, flying in the sky, flying amid joy and what not.

Excessive taking of the drug makes one aggressive and can commit anything dangerous.

The drug is called Last State of Drug, MDMA, N, M-Dimethyltryptania and Psilocybin, mushroom.

The varsity and college students are the first target of the drug’s dealers, the officer said.

He added that they were trying to arrest other dealers of the drug.

According to Wikipedia, the LSD can cause reduced appetite, wakefulness and many other diseases.