Dealing with Jealousy

Debodip Chowdhury

26 May, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Human beings are the best creation of the almighty. These most superior creations are also the most complicated ones and the major reason behind these complexities is their emotions. Every single day of every human’s life sees innumerable emotions. Every decision that one takes is triggered by one or the other emotion like sadness, happiness, guilt, greed, generosity or love. Among these varieties of feelings, jealousy is one of the most prominent ones. Since the beginning of time, jealousy has reigned everywhere. Every religion speaks of how intricately jealousy is woven into our lives. In Christianity, we see Peter, one of Jesus Christ’s favourite followers, to be jealous of Mary Magdalene. Peter’s animosity towards her has been portrayed in works of genius artists like Leonardo da Vinci. However, like every other historical event, this theory is also highly controversial.

Two other feelings intertwined with jealousy are fear and greed. Sometimes vanity, pride, and neglect may also play a role, but these feelings only make occasional appearances. Jealousy takes root in people’s minds when they notice others possessing something that they want but do not have. It is actually like a natural cycle in human minds. People with possession of all good things have pride, arrogance, or vanity, and those not having good quality are jealous. It is indeed true that slight jealousy we all have and it cannot avoid. However, the presence of a characteristic like jealousy can be disastrous. It will be no help if we are jealous. God has bestowed us with limited qualities but with great power. No one in the world has everything. Everyone lacks something. Sometimes, someone who seemingly has a visible and attractive quality to be jealous of may have some lacking as well, which he only knows. And maybe that particular person is also jealous of another person having the quality he lacks.

Jealousy instigates us making many irrational decisions that we regret later. We lose control of ourselves because of this feeling. Rummaging history, we would get innumerable instances of regrettable decisions triggered by jealousy. A five-year-old kid, for example, killed his one-month-old brother recently because he was jealous of the love showered on the infant. Besides, jealousy can cause competition that can be deceitful and humiliating too. There is a fable about jealousy where it found that the wind is jealous of the power of the sun and proud of its own. But the wind loses to the sun in a rivalry arranged to show their respective power. In another such fable, a rabbit being proud of its swiftness loses a race to a tortoise. On the other hand, the humble tortoise who was not jealous of the rabbit’s capability won. These popular fables prove that jealousy causes the downfall and those who get rid of it succeed.

However, since it is impossible to get rid of jealousy from our minds, we must accept it to an extent and live with it. Maybe the bad is just an acceptably good in a twisted way like the idiom “a blessing in disguise”. Therefore, we should have jealousy but good ones. Perhaps we can certainly turn this course into a blessing. We can be jealous of a person doing good things and attempt to reach their level. But such jealousy should not be visible. We should be consistent and satisfied with what we have and strive to raise the standards by working harder with a view to eradicating jealousy of other people’s achievements. It is the only course to success.


The author is a student of CSE at the University of East Anglia (UEA), UK